Essex UKT Law Global Partner Premium Scholarship

University of Essex

31 May 2023
31 May 2024

If you're an international student studying at one of our UKT Law global channel partners, listed in the table below, you could be eligible for a scholarship to the value of 50% fee discount, worth approximately £9,785, for your first year of study.


◼ These scholarships are restricted to students who are overseas fee payers and are entirely selffunded*. ◼ Students must be starting their first year of undergraduate study at Essex in 2023-24. ◼ UCAS applicants must actively make Essex their firm choice by 14 July 2023. Applicants that become firm with Essex through rejection by their original firm choice selection elsewhere are not eligible. Direct Applicants must accept their offer by 14 July 2023. ◼ Students must be commencing study at Essex on one of the UK Law transfer degree routes from one of the partner institutions listed above. ◼ Applicants must exceed 68% for 2+1 route and 56% for 1+2 route. ◼ Applicants must submit a 500-word essay as part of the scholarship application process. ◼ Only one scholarship award can be made per student and the award cannot be held in conjunction with any other University of Essex scholarships. ◼ This scholarship is available for the first year of study only. ◼ Successful applicants should be available for promotional activities. University of Essex Page 2 of 3 *Students receiving a repayable loan to fund their studies will be considered as self-funded.

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26 January 2024