AHRC research, development and engagement fellowships

UK Research and Innovation

20 September 2020
Rolling deadline
£50,000 - £250,000
R&D and Higher Education
Northern Ireland

This fellowship scheme allows early-career researchers to carry out high-quality innovative research that moves significantly beyond doctoral projects, in any area covered by AHRC. It provides the opportunity to develop experience and capabilities as research specialists and to undertake innovative and collaborative development activities.


  • for early career researchers at eligible research organisations
  • funding is available for projects with full economic costs of between £50,000 and £250,000 lasting between six months and two years
  • research can be at various stages of development

We are looking for individuals who are able to:

  • carry out high-quality individual research which has the potential to generate a significant impact on their discipline
  • develop capabilities as research specialists and to create opportunities for outreach beyond their research field
  • undertake innovative and collaborative development activities, including the initiation of new research, which will result in benefits for their own discipline(s) and beyond
  • develop their experience and capabilities in a crucial phase of their careers as they establish themselves and develop beyond doctoral and immediate post-doctoral work
  • enable the production of high-quality innovative research that moves significantly beyond doctoral projects

Enhancing the fellow’s skillset is a core element of this scheme. The types of activity that you may want to follow will vary depending on your research area and career stage, but might include:

  • developing new methodologies, or introducing emerging techniques, technologies or methodologies into your field
  • supporting or inspiring the development of other researchers in your field
  • establishing new lines of enquiry
  • moving into a new field
  • leading research networks

Our main research areas are:

  • histories, cultures and heritage: archaeology, classics, cultural and museum studies, development studies, history, information and communication technologies, law and legal studies, library and information studies, philosophy, political science and international studies, theology and divinity and religion.
  • creative and performing arts: dance, design, drama and theatre studies, media, music and visual arts
  • languages and literature and linguistics

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Before applying, read the AHRC research funding guide, (PDF, 1MB).


This scheme is designed to support early-career arts and humanities researchers, providing opportunities to undertake ambitious, innovative research and to develop as researchers.

You can apply if you are a postdoctoral researcher with at least two years’ experience and have worked at least one year at an eligible organisation that has identified you as a research leader or a potential future research leader. You will need to demonstrate your host organisation’s commitment and support through the head of department statement and the mentor statement.

Read the AHRC research funding guide, (PDF, 1MB).

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