Bhati Family India Travel Grant

The Australian National University,

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This annual grant is offered by the College of Asia and the Pacific but open to students of all Colleges at the Australian National University. It is funded in perpetuity by the Bhati Family Endowment to foster regional interconnectedness and encourage talented students to build mutually beneficial relationships between Australia and India.

The grant will assist current ANU students from any discipline who need to travel to India for their research.

The aim of the grant is to help create a better understanding and knowledge of Australia in India and/or a better understanding and knowledge of India in Australia.

Selection basis:

  • Travel to India is vital for research and output of research will contribute to the aim of the grant.
  • The applicant has obtained approval of his/ her supervisor and has established a link with an institution in India.
  • For details on these and additional selection criteria, see section 5 of the Conditions of Award (see reference document).
  • The recipient must be enrolled and remain enrolled at ANU while the travel is being undertaken
  • For details on this and other eligibility rules, see section 3 of the Conditions of Award.
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19 April 2023