Entrance Scholarships

Mary Immaculate College

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The scholarships are tenable only in MIC for the First Year of a full-time primary degree programme to be undertaken at MIC, in the academic year following the Leaving Certificate Examination on which the award is based.

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, a student must have met the normal entry requirements for the degree programme in question and have been validly registered for same. A student who has previously registered for a programme leading to a degree in any third level college should not be eligible for the award of an Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship.

Scholarships shall be awarded in order of merit in accordance with the standard scoring system for Leaving Certificate results. Only performance in the six best subjects taken at the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate will be counted.

If the holder of an Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship withdraws from the programme for which they have registered, or fails to continue throughout the year to meet the attendance and other requirements for the programme, including examination entry, they may be required to repay to the College the whole or part of the scholarship.

No special application form is required for Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships. Successful students will be notified directly.


MIC is required to disclose to SUSI, all funding provided by the college to students that have applied for a SUSI grant. Depending on the type of funding granted to students by the college, SUSI may include it as reckonable income in their determination of SUSI grants.

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20 April 2023