Eric Harrison Memorial Prize

Concordia University

01 April 2024
15 May 2024

The Eric Harrison Memorial Prize was established in 2000 by Lois and Stanley Tucker to honour a wonderful teacher and lifelong friend, the late Eric Harrison, a professor of History at Queen's University. Stanley and Eric met in 1938 and their friendship lasted until Eric's death in 2000. Eric's lectures were an exchange of ideas, challenging and stimulating. He was a teacher, an inspiration and a great friend.

The Eric Harrison Memorial Prize will be awarded annually to students who are in their graduating year, are members of the Liberal Arts College, and who by virtue of their profession, activities, or creativity, embody the importance of lifelong learning. Stanley and Lois Tucker have been friends of the Liberal Arts College since its inception and believe that the love of learning and the development of intellectual curiosity constitute the basis for a fulfilled life.


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