Eric Scharenbrock Bear Paw Resort Crandon Scholarship

Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

01 March 2025
United States of America


Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Center is located in White Lake, Wisconsin. The owners, Eric Scharenbrock and Thomas Kreif, are passionate about education and helping students attain postsecondary schooling. This scholarship was established for the benefit of Crandon High School graduating seniors.


Eligibility: (taken into consideration to determine recipients)

• Graduating seniors from Crandon High School • Planning to pursue post-secondary education at a 1-, 2-, or 4-year post-secondary educational school, including certificate programs, as a full-time student

Award Amount:

One $500 award for tuition, payable after successful completion of the 1st semester of post-secondary schooling.


Recipients will be recommended each fall by the Crandon High School Scholarship Selection Committee.

Collecting the Award & Payment Procedure:

Recipients must fill out and submit Scholarship Acceptance Form and Scholarship Verification Form through the Scholarship Portal (https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=cffvrscholar). Recipients are required to provide supporting documents as instructed in the Scholarship Verification Form, such as class registration/list with credits listed, proof of major, grade transcript, etc. After approval of online Scholarship Verification Form, the scholarship check will be paid directly to the school the recipient will be attending. The Community Foundation communicates with students via email; it is the student’s responsibility to keep their Scholarship Portal account updated with their current email address.

Loss of Eligibility:

Failure to complete the first semester as a full-time student in good academic standing and register as a full-time student for second semester of post-secondary education.

Further Information:

• Crandon High School Guidance Office • Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region o Website www.cffoxvalley.org/scholarships/   o Email scholarships@cffoxvalley.org   o Phone 920.702.7629

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