Infrastructure Resilience Fund

Youth Futures Foundation

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Not for profit (incl. NGOs)

Youth Futures Foundation’s grants programme is a key part of our strategy to improve labour market outcomes for the most disadvantaged and discriminated against young people in England. Youth Futures Foundation is focused on reducing youth unemployment in England. The £90m of dormant assets money that was awarded to us by Government is restricted to England and a separate allocation of dormant assets money focused on youth services has been allocated to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We work with infrastructure organisations that can demonstrate how they help young people who face intersectional barriers move towards and into work, through equipping the organisations in their networks with the knowledge, skills, and connections to provide world-class employment support and training. Organisations must be strong advocates of our mission, our ‘what works’ evidence-based approach and support our values.


Not-for-profit voluntary, community-sector organisations and statutory organisations working with young people who face barriers to employment are eligible subject to certain criteria. Our initial work is aimed at 14-24 year-olds who because of disadvantage and discrimination are furthest from the jobs market.

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20 April 2023