2020/2021 EducationUSA Graduate Opportunity Funds Program

U.S. Mission to Zimbabwe

United States of America
Education, Skills Building and Training
Research, Development and Innovation Social Sciences

The U.S. Embassy, Public Diplomacy Section, Harare, Zimbabwe announces an open competition for organizations working with college and university students to submit applications to carry out a project focused on promoting U.S. higher education opportunities for high-achieving Zimbabwean university students.

Priority Region: Project activities must take place in Zimbabwe and the United States and be directed at Zimbabwean audiences/participants.

Program Objectives:

The grantee will work in coordination with the Public Diplomacy Section in support of the 2020/2021 EducationUSA Graduate Opportunity Funds program. This program assists highly qualified students who are likely to be awarded scholarships from U.S. universities but lack the financial resources to cover the up-front costs of applying to U.S. universities. U.S. Mission to Zimbabwe and EducationUSA advisers located in Harare will develop selection criteria and lead the Graduate Opportunity Funds selection committee.

Individuals and institutions interested in bidding on this grant must submit a proposal to administer the Opportunity Funds (OFP) of US $75, 000 and manage two phases of the EducationUSA advising process for 2020-2021. The first phase requires coordination and payment for 25 selected prospective students to take standardized tests, application fees, transcript evaluations and other costs. Throughout this phase, the grantee will assist advisers in Harare with logistical support in providing advising sessions for the Opportunity Fund Program students. These sessions will include comprehensive coaching on the U.S. application process, financial awards/aid, personal statements/essays and recommendation letter writing, CVS/resumes, transcripts and equivalencies, and similar subjects related to graduate admissions at U.S. universities.

The second phase requires the recipient to manage the travel logistics of approximately 15 students, including visa and SEVIS fees, international airfare, settling-in allowance, and other related expenses. The grantee will communicate with the students and advisers, coordinate visa appointments at the appropriate U.S. consulate, make travel arrangements for domestic and international travel, and coordinate payment to the students of settling-in and other related allowances. The successful grantee will demonstrate an ability to effectively handle funds, coordinate logistics, and finalize payments in a timely manner. Both phases can be managed virtually, with regular web and phone-based counselling sessions for selected Zimbabwean candidates .

Participants and Audiences:

High achieving university students in their 3 rd and 4 th year studying at a local university.

Length of performance period: 24 Months

Number of awards anticipated: 1 award

Anticipated program start date: September 15, 2021


Eligible ApplicantsThe following United States and Zimbabwean organizations are eligible to apply:• Not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations; • Public and private educational institutions. • Individuals working at or with universities Other Eligibility RequirementsIn order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a unique entity identifier (Data Universal Numbering System/DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet), as well as a valid registration on www.SAM.gov.

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19 April 2023