Entrepreneurship in Arts and Creative Industries

U.S. Mission to Ukraine

31 July 2023
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The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for Ukrainian and U.S. registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to foster entrepreneurship in arts and creative industries. The arts are especially crucial now during Russia’s war of aggression since they strengthen collective resilience and safeguard Ukrainian identity. This funding opportunity will help create a diverse, multistakeholder system for the arts that responds to the needs of different audiences across Ukraine and promotes cooperation between arts organizations, ministries, NGOs, and private sector companies.

The U.S. Embassy Kyiv Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) invites Ukrainian and U.S. registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations to apply for funding to support entrepreneurship in arts and creative industries as a dominant social and economic power in the times of crisis. The projects should feature U.S. – Ukraine collaboration in arts management and creative industries.

Projects for startups, arts organizations and creative businesses should focus on one of the following:

Capacity building. Projects should help organizations to:

  • evaluate their organizational capacity, viability of business model, sustainability and accessibility, develop a go-to-market strategy and operations plan for a commercial or social venture;
  • develop crowdfunding & pitching skills to attract investment in arts;
  • make connections between art and business / private and public partnership in arts;
  • develop business skills to act entrepreneurially and to profit financially and socially;
  • support creative business development process, exploring knowledge bases, processes, and practices to an entrepreneurial approach in art making and art management;
  • develop and conduct educational programs and trainings for artists and art managers, including topics such as sustainable business financing methods, business efficiency, alternative sources of financing;

Developing and realizing innovative projects in arts and creative industries that :

  • may include newness in culinary arts, sustainable built environment, urban planning, sustainable fashion, and others;
  • promote innovations and technological change in creative industries.

Funding priorities are:

  • Strengthen U.S.-Ukraine relations through arts and creative industries;
  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in arts and creative industries;
  • Expanding public partnership and business ties in arts between Ukraine and the United States;
  • Supporting Ukrainian economy in times of crisis;

The following organizations are eligible to apply: U.S. and Ukrainian not-for-profit organizations, think-tanks, civil society, nongovernmental organizations, not-for-profit educational and cultural institutions

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02 June 2023