Alumni Outreach Program 2023

U.S. Mission to North Macedonia

14 April 2023
Community Development

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) administers an Alumni Outreach Program which aims to expand outreach to alumni of U.S. government-funded exchange programs. Projects must be initiated by alumni of U.S. government exchange programs. The program will provide small grants to alumni associations to support round-table discussions, workshops, and community service projects that encourage networking and activism in fields that promote democratic advancement across the political spectrum, digitalization processes and economic reform. These grants serve as one-time opportunities to support alumni in their efforts to launch projects that build on their participation in exchange programs. Projects should be designed to be sustainable after the performance period is over.


Not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations from North Macedonia only. Project teams must include at least two (2) alumni of a U.S. government program. Alumni who are U.S. citizens may participate as team members in a project. Alumni teams may be comprised of alumni from different exchange programs.

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19 April 2023