Indonesia Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Summit 2023

U.S. Mission to Indonesia

15 April 2023
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Research, Development and Innovation Social Sciences

Project Objectives:

The award recipient will be responsible for planning, organizing, and administering all components and aspects of a youth-focused YSEALI Summit to take place in-person – if regional health and travel conditions allow – in Jakarta or Bali, in December 2023. If conditions do not

allow for an entirely in-person summit, the award recipient would need to adapt the proposed scope of work to implement either a hybrid event, or an entirely virtual event.

The four-day YSEALI Summit will gather 150 YSEALI alumni ages 18-35. The award recipient will schedule the Summit in coordination with the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta at a mutually agreed upon date (tentatively proposed for December 4-7, 2023) in Jakarta or Bali. The award recipient will design the YSEALI Summit application materials; develop an outreach and recruitment plan; develop a communications and social media plan; receive and screen applications in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State; identify and secure speakers and venues; plan YSEALI Summit events, activities, and workshops; develop the agenda in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Jakarta; oversee all travel logistics and manage follow-on activities including reporting and program evaluation.

The YSEALI Summit budget will be inclusive of all travel costs, accommodations, and meal arrangements for YSEALI Summit participants and non-U.S. government speakers. All U.S. government employees will cover their own travel costs. The award recipient should generate content for traditional and social media distribution, and measure program results. The budget may include limited costs for materials to promote the YSEALI program such as T-shirts, bags, notepads, pens, as well as program and promotional materials. No new website specific to the event should be created or launched. Domain hosting and build costs will not be covered.

The YSEALI Summit should include the following aspects:

• Interaction among YSEALI participants and senior U.S. government officials; U.S. business and civil society leaders; and dynamic young leaders from Indonesia, plus the ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste;

• Motivational presentations including discussions with emerging and established leaders in the region with an optimistic, empowering view of youth’s role in the region’s sustainable economic future;

• Call upon and integrate YSEALI and alumni of U.S. government exchange programs to serve as speakers, panelists, and/or activity leads;

• Opportunities for YSEALI participants to engage with each other and put into practice what they have learned through the YSEALI pillars;

• An emphasis on building ties across ASEAN and Southeast Asia as well as with the United States. Discussions on the importance of cross-border ties to advance human capital development;

• Promotion of cultural exchange and diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility in the selection of speakers, venues, and partner institutions.

• Small-group skill building workshops on relevant topics (i.e. public speaking, design thinking, data visualization, storytelling, project market research, etc.);

• Experiential learning activities to hone relevant leadership skills;

• Site visits to innovative social enterprises, environmental organizations, human capacity development;

Publications, program materials, and all other online programs, including social media and websites, should explain YSEALI’s mission and emphasize the U.S. Department of State’s role as the program’s sponsor. As such, all materials should note: “The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative is a program of the U.S. Department of State, and the 2023 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Summit is implemented by the [Award Recipient.]” All program branding must be approved by the State Department. Program branding should include the American Flag, the YSEALI logo, and the U.S. Embassy Jakarta logo. The award recipient’s logo can be included and should be preceded by “implemented by.”

Proposals will be evaluated based on creativity, innovation, connectivity, originality, inclusivity, and logical continuity. Proposals will be also evaluated based on direct links between the proposed activities and the YSEALI Summit’s theme and YSEALI pillars. Proposals should include a high level of involvement by YSEALI alumni and members in the Summit’s schedule as speakers and facilitators in order to be considered.

The award recipient will have a strong strategic communications plan which includes social media toolkits, promotional materials (graphics, blurbs, video, video highlights) to help amplify pre-Summit (call for applications), during Summit (create user-generated content) and post-Summit materials. The award recipient will work together with the U.S. State Department to find the best way to promote and amplify the Summit.


Eligible ApplicantsU.S. Embassy in Jakarta welcomes applications fromU.S.-based, Indonesia-based, and foreign non-profit organizations / non-government organizations (NGO); and U.S., Indonesia, and foreign private, public, or state institutions of higher education.For-profit organizations are not eligible to apply. Successful applicants will demonstrate strong linkages with a Indonesia-based partner organization.The following organizations are not eligible to apply:• Federally funded research and development centers• For-profit entities

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20 April 2023