Art Rouse Memorial Scholarship in Veterinary and Comparative Cancer Studies

University of Guelph

15 January 2024
15 January 2025
Education, Skills Building and Training

Established in recognition of Mr. Rouse’s lifelong commitment to companion animal welfare, and his love for dogs and rescued animals. The award may be held for up to four years provided that academic performance is satisfactory as indicated by a letter from the student’s advisor submitted to the Associate Dean, Students, by January 15th each year. Apply with Curriculum Vitae, publication record, transcript and two academic letters of reference to the office of the Associate Dean, Students by January 15.

Value: 1 award every 4 years Up to $120,000 payable over 4 years of study ($30,000 per year)

From the University of Guelph Graduate students may expect to undertake teaching and research assistantships as an integral part of their academic programs. Award holders are cautioned that each scholarship has specific terms regarding eligibility to hold the funding, and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with, and abiding strictly by, the terms of any such awards.

Financial assistance may be available to graduate students in several forms and combinations. These may include employment, research awards, scholarships and bursaries. Each of these is described briefly in the Employment and Awards sections that follow. Students have the responsibility to ascertain precisely what remuneration will be received, if any, from the department or school in which they propose to register. The department or school has the responsibility to inform students about the duties they associate with that form of assistance.

When departments and schools make admission recommendations to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, they also decide what funding (if any) will be provided to each person selected. These funding decisions may include one or more of the employments and award programs described in the Employment and Awards sections that follow.

Scholarships and Other Awards The Senate of the University of Guelph is charged with the responsibility "to deal with all matters arising in connection with the awarding of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards" (University of Guelph Act). In carrying out these responsibilities, Senate has established various policies regarding awards and scholarships, and approves the terms and conditions attached to such awards. Each College has a College Awards Committee, which is responsible for the awarding of scholarships and prizes in the programs under its authority. In addition, the Awards Office, Student Financial Services, is responsible for evaluating the financial need component for awards requiring the demonstration of financial need and the selection of bursary recipients.

The University reserves the right to amend these awards subject to the availability of funds.

Students are eligible for internal award consideration from the time they have accepted an offer of admission to a graduate program until they have graduated from that program; students must be registered full-time to be eligible for all internal awards, including travel grants, unless otherwise stated in the eligibility clause.

Students granted a leave of absence (see section 3.4) may defer acceptance of internal awards or interrupt acceptance of continuing internal awards until after the approved leave with the permission of the appropriate awards committee.

Students must complete the Graduate Settlement in WebAdvisor ahead of the published deadline each semester if they wish to have awards applied against tuition owing. However, if no prior arrangements are made to settle tuition, Student Financial Services will apply all internal awards against outstanding balances on student’s accounts. Awards will not be refunded to students until their tuition is settled.


Students who hold a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree who are registered full-time in a PhD program offered by the Ontario Veterinary College.

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22 February 2024