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The Instant Impact grant supports first-time visits for groups of young people to a partner school or youth group in Germany.

First-time taster trips (one-way) for groups of young people to a partner school or youth group in Germany.

The grant aims to help kick-start new partnerships by enabling the young people to:

  • meet their peers for the first time,
  • gain an insight into the culture of the other country and
  • engage in joint activities related to a chosen topic.

The theme or topic of the visit can be flexible but the visit must contribute to the young people’s wider learning or skills development through collaboration, discussion and reflection, and be explored from a UK-German perspective.

A language-learning element is welcomed but not compulsory.

The majority of the time during the visit (minimum of 2 days not including travel) must be spent on joint activities with a high level of interaction between the young people from both countries.

For a full list of the grant criteria, and before submitting an application, please read the Instant Impact guidelines.


The grant is open to primary, secondary and SEN schools, FE colleges and youth groups in the UK and Germany.

The visit must involve at least 5 young people, and especially those, who would not otherwise have the chance to take part.

Applications from local clusters of institutions are also welcome.

Applications must be made by the travelling institution.

Your German partner institution can also apply for a separate grant for a first-time visit to your institution.

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20 April 2023