ESRC new investigator grant

UK Research and Innovation

Rolling deadline
£1,000,000 - £3,000,000
R&D and Higher Education
Research, Development and Innovation

We award new investigator grants to support new researchers at the start of their careers, based at research organisations eligible for UKRI funding, to become independent researchers through gaining experience of managing and leading research projects and teams.

In addition, they will provide applicants with an opportunity not only to support their own skill development, but also the skill development of research staff employed on the grant.

Grants range from £100,000 to £300,000 for a period of up to five years. Funding is based on the full economic costs of the research, with ESRC providing 80% of the cost and the research organisation covering the balance.

Proposals can cover any research area, but the social sciences must represent more than 50% of the research focus and effort.


You can apply for funding if:

  • you are an early career researcher
  • you are the principal investigator
  • you are an established member of an approved research organisation, or have an agreement with a recognised research organisation to work there and have access to appropriate research facilities for the duration of the grant.

You cannot apply for funding if:

  • you are not an early career researcher
  • you hold a professorship
  • you are a current or former principal investigator on ESRC or other UKRI grants, except ESRC postdoctoral fellowships.

Funding is available for individuals based at approved universities and independent research organisations in the UK.

Co-investigators from business, third sector or government can be included in the proposal. We encourage active collaboration between UK researchers and those in other countries, and co-investigators based in overseas research organisations can be included through our international co-investigators policy.

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20 April 2023