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The SNSF is participating in European Partnerships and in other multilateral initiatives. They promote consortia activities in research and innovation within Europe and beyond.

Integration into networks and transnational cooperation are of great importance for the success of Switzerland as a centre for science. One way of achieving this is to participate in the European Partnerships or other multilateral initiatives, in which funders join forces and jointly launch calls for transnational projects. The projects are funded directly by the participating organisations of the country where the project is based.

European Partnerships:

With the launch of Horizon Europe, the various types of multilateral initiatives were brought together under one umbrella: the European Partnerships. Some existing initiatives will continue in their current form through to their completion (e.g. the multilateral initiatives mentioned above), while others have been merged and will continue as partnerships. A number of new thematic partnerships were also launched.

The partnerships bring together a wide range of stakeholders from research, innovation and the private sector to work towards a common goal. In particular, they want to have a social impact and make the best possible use of synergies with other national and regional initiatives.


The participation requirements are regulated separately for the individual initiatives. The same requirements as for SNSF Project funding generally apply.

Project funding

For details please refer to the websites of the initiatives (links given above in the text) and to the information on individual calls.

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20 April 2023