Innovation and Media Fund Activity in Serbia

Serbia USAID-Belgrade

30 December 2022
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USAID/Serbia aims to support the establishment of an investment vehicle (the Fund) that will focus on financing innovative products and services in the media, information, and communications sectors in the West Balkans region.

To do so, USAID will issue Grant or Cooperative Agreement (in further text the grant) to support a Fund that will make investments in products and services that directly or indirectly increase citizens’ ability to access information or increase critical thinking skills with a focus on, but not exclusively, to support:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises; new and existing companies that provide media, information and communications services;
  • industry stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, that develop supporting technological infrastructure and architecture, or increase innovation in the media, information and communications space for consumers and businesses; and
  • personal and organizational ability to safely and securely utilize digital technologies and platforms.
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20 April 2023