2023 International Marine Turtle Management and Conservation Program

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31 January 2023
United States of America
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The National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA/NMFS) Pacific Islands Regional Office (hereinafter, "PIRO") is soliciting competitive applications for the FY2023 International Marine Turtle Management and Conservation Program. This program supports conservation, protection, or management actions supporting recovery of Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed sea turtle species occurring within the Pacific Islands Region (PIR) or of aggregations (or species) with international linkages to the PIR. Such internationally-shared species may migrate through, forage within, or be impacted by PIR federally managed activities and are relevant to NOAA/NMFS management and recovery obligations.

For the FY2023 funding competition, we are soliciting internationally-based projects to 1) monitor, protect and conserve western Pacific leatherback sea turtles occurring in Indonesia and Solomon Islands, and 2) sea turtle management and conservation projects within Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, or Indonesia) and Japan with focus on fishery bycatch, nesting beach monitoring, poaching reduction, and/or the illegal sea turtle wildlife trade.


Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, nonprofits, commercial organizations, foreign institutions, foreign organizations, State, local, and Indian tribal governments. Federal agencies, Federal instrumentalities, or employees of these Federal entities, are not eligible to apply.

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19 April 2023