Innovative technologies to improve vaccine thermostability


31 January 2022
31 December 2023
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CEPI is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for the development of innovative technologies to improve vaccine thermostability.

The Call for Proposals (CfP) asks for the submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI) for innovations that improve vaccine thermostability for use in outbreaks of known viruses as well as novel or previously unrecognised viruses. These can be novel technologies or adaptations of existing (proven) technologies that show measurable improvements in terms of increased thermostability of any vaccine platform to extend vaccine access. The CfP is divided into two focus areas:

Focus area 1 seeks to improve the thermostability of vaccine platforms that currently require freezing (in particular RNA-based platforms) to a minimum target that allows them to be distributed via the established 2-8°C cold chain. Focus area 2 aims to improve thermostability of any vaccine platform to a preferred target of 40°C that allows the last stage of the supply chain to occur without cold chain equipment. Based on the EoI submissions, selected projects will be invited to submit a full proposal for funding.


Please read through our detailed Call for Proposals text for further information about the Call and details on how to apply


The CfP for is open from January 31, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Expressions of Interest may be submitted at any time during the open period and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. The call may be extended or amended depending on programmatic need.

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20 April 2023