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06 February 2023
15 December 2022
17 March 2023
01 March 2024
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The #InTheLoop Grant Fund is provided and administered by Hubbub UK, with support from the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The funding is intended to enable the introduction, or improvement or expansion, of recycling in public spaces using the #InTheLoop toolkit, with a particular focus on the recycling of plastic bottles and cans.

The impact of the projects funded will be shared publicly alongside learnings to benefit others.

The programme will award a grant of £25,000 to each of four successful applicants.

Projects will also receive ongoing support from Hubbub UK based on expertise and experience in delivering recycling campaigns.

The fund will support projects starting from Spring 2023.


The fund is open to applications from any organisation based in Great Britain.

To be eligible, the applicant's campaign area must include a waterway (eg coastline, riverways, canals, docks or wetlands).

It is anticipated that the majority of applications will be from local authorities, business improvement districts, shopping centres, major property owners and transport hubs.

Only one application is accepted per applicant. However, an organisation may be a lead applicant once and then partner on another bid as a supporting organisation.

Grants are used by organisations to invest in, and boost, recycling facilities in their local area. The funding must be used on the expansion or introduction of a new project that could not have happened without the funding, rather than core operational costs.

To be eligible, the project must include the collection of plastic bottles and cans, and could also include the collection of glass and coffee cups.

It is expected that most of the funding (80%) will go towards to the purchase of infrastructure on new bins or improvements to old bins (new vinyls, apertures etc). Other eligible costs and activities include:

  • The payment of a salary for a person working to deliver the agreed grant funded project.
  • Marketing and promotion costs.
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