Active Women and Girls Foundation

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Sports, Leisure and Tourism

All women and girls deserve the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Women and girls are missing out on the numerous benefits of a physically active lifestyle. By removing barriers to female participation we provide access to a range of sports and other physical activities, and the empowering and long-term wellbeing benefits of an active lifestyle to women and girls.

INSTRUCTORS: We fund qualified exercise teachers/instructors to cover the cost of the provision of classes to women and girls.

Depending on the grant funding and programme being applied for, we will accept applications from the following: *INDIVIDUALS - teachers, instructors and coaches, parents/carers and individual women to enable free of charge participation in a sports or physical activities. *AMATEUR SPORTS CLUBS - who run girl or women only sports sessions. *ORGANISATIONS - as long as they are seeking to further our charitable purpose of promoting and providing free of charge sports and physical activities to women and girls.


AWGF supports all women and girls wishing to participate in sports and physical activities, however we are particularly interested in supporting those from disadvantaged communities or on low incomes including those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and the LGBTQ+ community.

Our grant making programmes are currently limited to activities within the London Boroughs.

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20 April 2023