Association of Former MLAs of B.C. Student Scholarship


15 June 2023
Social Sciences

One or more scholarships are awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated an interest in future public service, either elected or appointed, through work they are doing on a specific research project, such as their Master’s or PhD project or thesis.

Applicants must be currently registered in ADMN/CD/MADR 598 or 599 or ADMN 699 and have made substantial progress on their research beyond the proposal stage.

Students must submit an application form and a 500 word statement of intent. The statement must outline the applicant’s interest in a career in the public sector, either elected or appointed, and a description of their research, progress thus far, and projected defense date. Applications are available from the School of Public Administration office and are due by June 15.

Approval of the recipients will be made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Awards Committee upon the recommendation of the School of Public Administration.


Normally, the minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average and any additional criteria that has been established by the donor. Application details, deadlines and eligibility criteria are all listed in the award description. Unless otherwise noted in the award description, you must be a full-time graduate student.

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19 April 2023