Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship

The University of Queensland

06 March 2023
03 April 2023
Social Sciences

Established in 1992 as a memorial to Betty Fletcher, foundation Patron of the Friends of Antiquity and generous benefactor of the Department of Classics and Ancient History. Until 2019, the Scholarship was maintained by an annual gift from the Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland, made on behalf of Friends of Antiquity. Following a 2020 donation by Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland, in conjunction with and on behalf of Friends of Antiquity, the Scholarship is now maintained from the Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Selection criteria We will consider:

  • your academic capability and future academic potential
  • the value of the proposed travel to your future success in the discipline
  • the strength of commitment to one or more of the disciplines of classics and ancient history as evidenced by a personal statement included in the application.

You're eligible to apply if you:

  • are enrolled in an extended major, major or field of study administered by the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
  • do not hold another travel scholarship
  • have not previously held the scholarship
  • have identified a travel opportunity of not less than four weeks to commence within the next 12 months in: Greece, Italy, Asia Minor, or any other place that was part of the civilisation of Rome or Ancient Greece
  • submit an application by the closing date
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29 May 2023