2023 Child Protection Compact (CPC) Partnership Programming in Cote d’Ivoire

Office to Monitor-Combat Trafficking in Persons

20 February 2023
United States of America

The TIP Office announces an open competition for projects to combat child trafficking in Cote d'Ivoire under a new Child Protection Compact (CPC) Partnership (hereinafter the CPC Partnership).


The TIP Office encourages applications from the following entities: • U.S.-based and Foreign-based Non-Profit • For-Profit Organization • Institution of Higher Education • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) • Public International Organization (PIO). Applications submitted by for-profit entities may be subject to additional review following the panel selection process. Additionally, the Department of State prohibits profit to for-profit or commercial organizations under its assistance awards. While foreign governments are not eligible to apply, governments may be beneficiaries of programs if funding does not pay salaries of government agency personnel and that such assistance is not restricted by U.S. law or policy. Please refer to the NOFO for full eligibility information.

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19 April 2023